Danish version of UNSPSC – information in English

UNSPSC (United Nations Standard Product and Services Code) is an open, global multi-sector standard for efficient, accurate classification of products and services, that for many years has been used by public organizations in Denmark.

UNSPSC is used in many administration processes by companies, Municipalities, Regions and Governmental Institutions. As examples UNSPSC are used for classification of all products and services in e-procurement and spend analyses. Some finance systems are using UNSPSC for automatic entry of lines in e-invoices to chart of accounts. Electronic catalogues including UNSPSC codes are required when signing contracts with public organizations.

As a part of the Digital Strategy 2016-2020, version 19.05.01 of UNSPSC has been translated to Danish. At the latest by the 1st of July 2018, the existing Danish version (UNSPSC 7.04.01)  has to be phased out and replaced by the new version (UNSPSC 19.05.01), which can be read at the website for the Danish Agency of Digitalization. For more information (in Danish) see https://digitaliser.dk/resource/3778865 or below.

UNSPSC in bullets 

Do your products and services need to be classified with a new UNSPSC code

UNSPSC version 19.0501 has many more codes than version 7.0401, which gives suppliers the opportunity to classify products and services more in detail. This also means that some products and services may need to be reclassified.

Download a mapping file for version 7.0401 and version 19.0501 here

Transition from UNSPSC version 7.0401 to UNSPSC version 19.0501

Municipalities, regions and Governmental institutions are preparing their IT systems for the transition to the new version of UNSPSC, so they are ready for the transition by 1st of July 2018, at the latest.

All suppliers to Municipalities, Regions and Governmental institutions has to prepare for the transition to UNSPSC 19.05.01, and make sure their products and services are classified correct.

The transition from UNSPSC 7.04.01 to UNSPSC 19.05.01 means, that the suppliers has to make sure the below actions happens to help their public customers:

UNSPSC 7.04.01 must not be used in e-catalogues and e-invoices after 1st of July 2018, where the customers are expecting to receive e-catalogues and e-invoices with UNSPSC 19.05.01 

Download UNSPSC version 19.0501

Here you can download the Danish translation of UNSPSC version 19.0501:

Download here